Smart Lighting Redefined.

Meet OrelHive, a Bluetooth mesh kit that provides complete wireless control for home lighting. Designed to be a first step toward a smarter home, the starter kit includes three smart bulbs and the Hive gateway. The energy-efficient smart bulbs are dimmable and RGB color tunable, providing ambient color and just the right atmosphere for any room. The Hive gateway adds yet another layer of control and allows remote access to any compatible device from anywhere in the world.

OrelHive Lamps

Easily adjust the brightness and color of Hive lamps to create the perfect ambiance


Wireless Control

The Hive app lets you control your devices from your phone, even when you’re not home. Hive lamps can be operated locally via Bluetooth or from anywhere in the world over the internet.


Mesh System

Hive devices automatically connect together to form a self-healing mesh network. This allows a home to be fully connected with multiple Hive devices and only a single gateway and router.



Each lamp can be smoothly-dimmed to set the ambiance and help you lose those extra Watts.



Want to wake up to the sunrise? Dine in candlelight? Hive has got you covered and lets you set the color temperature of your lamps to whatever you want it to be.



Hive RGB lamps can be set to over 16 million different colors to bring your home to life with a splash of color.


Smart Scheduling

Hive lamps can be set up to automatically turn on when it gets too dark, greet you when you arrive home, and even help you wake up in the morning.